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The most complete, modern, effective and safe option for the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia. The Hair Factor Complex (HFC) is the formula that makes Cellcurin® an innovative product to maximize the ability for scalp restoration.

The mechanism is designed to help the hair follicles recover their activity with complex growth factors in order to promote healthy and vigorous looking hair.

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Presentation & Specifications

Introduction [+]
Cellcurin® is a hair tonic recommended for both conventional treatment and post-surgical complementary treatment. It is a treatment with continuous capillary application method, requiring annual maintenance.
Presentation [+]
Hair Tonic. Growth Factor Cocktail including Fibroblast Growth Factor 9. It is recommended the continuous capillary application method, requiring annual maintenance. It has a strong professional formula, hair factor complex (HFC), amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as 7 carefully chosen natural extracts rich in nutrients.
Using [+]
Recommended for Microneedle Therapy System (MTS) for clinical treatment. It may also be used in mesotherapy or MMP, as it follows a similar principle to microneedling. For domestic use, apply an appropriate amount of the powder mix with 5 ml of saline solution to the hair loss area.
Benefícios [+]
  • Improves hair growth and hair thickness
  • Creates a healthy environment for hair production
  • Strengthens the scalp for healthy, thicker hair
  • Material [+]
    Cellcurin® is sold in a Kit with 10 ampoules of 10mg for professional use and also a Kit with 4 vials of 5ml for domestic use.
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