New Intervalue identity

New Intervalue identity

Intervalue has a new look! The new brand and visual identity developed by the Dinamic P/P branding studio brings a design line consistent with our brand image: clean, sophisticated and organic.

With a color palette that evokes beauty and sophistication (blue-green and shades of gray), the new identity also features typography exclusively edited for the brand, with smooth, organic curves and movements, as well as a new symbol that unites the main concepts we work with: technology (DNA) and beauty / health / aesthetics (body).

The Intervalue brand is undergoing full expansion and modernization, with the constant objective of positioning itself in the national market as one of the most promising and recognized suppliers of cosmetics, beauty products, health products (medical-dental-hospital) and bazaar items, with total commitment to quality and innovation.

Bring our brand into your everyday life. Value innovation!

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